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Packaging in sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment in a typical plant can be complex based on how the process works. To use less room, difficult waste is often treated in a way where intermittent flows are submitted to hybrid treatment plants which can be found in each sewage treatment plant. A number of designs have been created to produce such combinations at the last two stages of the process when treating difficult waste. In the UK along with several other countries, a number of wastewater plants serve small localities and as such, a new type of plant has been introduced called the packaging plants. These are viable alternatives to building a larger construction for each stage in the sewage treatment.

In the US, packaging plants are less common, but are still used in some rural areas, trailer parks or even highway rest stops. One system that combines settlement and treatment of sewage is called the sequencing batch reactor (SBR). These are packaging plants where sludge is often mixed with incoming sewage, then mixed with aerated products. The resulting sludge is then re-aerated before a small part is returned to the start of the process. This allows a much more modern way to have a sewage treatment plant that does not cost as much to build.

Sewage treatment runs parrellel to drainage, the most important factor involving the higher % cost is that the length of pipe required to fulfuill a correctly working sewage treatment plant is way too high.

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